Webinar 2: Implementation of the Day Report: Challenges and Opportunities - Shared screen with speaker view
Fiona Hurley
Welcome to the second in our seminar series. Implementing the Day Report: Challenges and Opportunities. We're delighted you all could join us. You can follow the discussion on twitter using the #ExploringDay.
Fiona Hurley
We're hoping for another engaging Q&A session today so please leave any questions in the Q&A box. We'll do our best to get to as many questions as possible.
Liam Thornton (UCD)
The Dept of Housing Report that I mentioned in response to Day Report is here: http://www.justice.ie/en/JELR/DHLGH%20Observations%20on%20draft%20Advisory%20Group%20report%2014092020.pdf/Files/DHLGH%20Observations%20on%20draft%20Advisory%20Group%20report%2014092020.pdf
Fiona Hurley
Nasc's response to the Department of Housing submission which points out some of the flaws in the submission is available here: https://nascireland.org/news/2020/nasc-statement-housing-recommendations-day-report
Fiona Hurley
We'll be collating links to all the recordings of the seminars on our webpage https://nascireland.org/exploringday
Fiona Hurley
Thanks Muireann. Does anyone else want in on this as well?
Fiona Hurley
Thank you all for your questions. Apologies we didn't get to all of them.